Price Includes: Basic Services: $595
Crematory Fee: $350
Transfer of Remains: $350
County Permit: $25 
Medical Examiner Permit $40
Carboard Container $18.31
Tax on Container $1.69
1 Tennessee Certified Death Certificate $15

Total Price: $1395

Why Choose Our Cremation Society?

Today, many families have deeply personal reasons for choosing cremation instead of traditional burial. Some simply don’t care for in-ground burial. Others may not wish to have a memorial service, preferring a simpler, more direct form of tribute. Still others know that cremation is often less expensive than all the preparations necessary for a funeral.

While cremation does save money, joining The Cremation Society of East Tennessee can help you save even more. Here in Knoxville, families join our society to save money, and assure that the services they want will be available when the time comes. 

Call us, and we’ll explain how a few simple choices can save your family time, money, and concern.