Preplanning a Cremation Online

The Comfort of  Cremation Preplanning

At Cremation Society of East Tennessee in Knoxville, we believe that making your cremation choices in advance provides peace of mind. We know it is hard to make funeral arrangements when it is needed; which is why we offer you to preplan the cremation. When you join the Society we will send you a membership card to carry in your wallet. You may also choose to prepay for your (or your loved one's) cremation, thus futher removing the burden from the survivors. Call us to discuss how your decisions today will save money and stress tomorrow.

Cremation Preplanning is easy

Sometimes, people hesitate to preplan their funeral arrangements because they think it’s complicated and time-consuming. It doesn’t have to be. Funeral preplanning should be easy and comfortable. You can learn more about the cremation process or our cremation options on our website or contact us. Since we are dedicated to making the process as easy as possible, we’ve developed a way for you to join right here, online. Simply click here to join.