Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is embalming necessary?

It depends. While Tennessee law does not require embalming, you will want to include it if you’re planning to have a gathering and viewing.

Q. Should I be concerned about implanted medical devices?

Our professional staff must remove pacemakers before the cremation process can take place. If you know that your loved one has an implanted device, please advise us.

Q. Can we witness the cremation?

Many families find closure and peace in being able to witness the cremation. We will be happy to arrange for your family members to observe the beginning of the process. Please contact us for more information

Q. Is a casket required for cremation?

No. But a cremation container is required for the transportation of the remains. If you plan to have a viewing or other service, we have a beautiful selection of caskets and cremation urns. Just ask.

Q. Can I still have a service?

Of course. When you choose cremation, you may still select all the memorial services usually associated with traditional burial. You might hold a gathering or visitation, or a service of remembrance and celebration in a place that has special meaning. Many of our packages include ceremonies that help bring closure and begin the healing process.

Q. Could we have a viewing?

Yes. Many times, a viewing of your loved one before the cremation takes place is an important way to accept the fact that a death has occurred. Viewings are a recognized part of the healing process, helping family members cope with the loss and begin recovering from it.

Q. What happens after the cremation?

There are many way to preserve and cherish the cremated remains. For example, you might choose in-ground burial, or interment in an above-ground niche. Scattering is a popular choice, in a place that has special meaning for your loved one. We can help you with the state laws concerning scattering options. Also, you might preserve the remains in a decorative urn. Many beautiful styles are available.

Q. How long does the process take?

Depending on the weight of the body, only two to three hours.